Gala Aluminimium Threaded Mop Handle

Gala™ Aluminium Mop Handle

Handle Only, Thread Type Socket, Aluminium, Colour Coded, Yellow (Infectious, Isolation), Red (Toilets, Bathrooms), Green (Food Areas), Blue (General Cleaning), 1.5m x 25mm*, Gala
Available to distributors
  BALHNDYL  Gala Aluminium Handle Yellow  1.5m x 25mm  1 Pack 
  BALHNDRD  Gala Aluminium Handle Red  1.5m x 25mm  1 Pack 
  BALHNDGN  Gala Aluminium Handle Green  1.5m x 25mm  1 Pack 
  BALHNDBU  Gala Aluminium Handle Blue  1.5m x 25mm  1 Pack 
  • Colour coded to match mops
  • Threaded to screw into mop socket
  • 1.5m long x 25mm diametre.
  • Brand:
    Sizes / Qty:
    • 1.5m x 25mm*
    Mop Colour Coding:
    • Yellow (Infectious, Isolation)
    • Red (Toilets, Bathrooms)
    • Green (Food Areas)
    • Blue (General Cleaning)
    Mopping Item Type:
    • Aluminium
    • Colour Coded
    • Handle Only
    • Thread Type Socket
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