Scent Aire Signature Fragrance Corporate Scent, Toilet Clip: Mountain Air Fragrance - Bue

Scent Aire Signature Fragrance Toilet Bowl Clip Corporate Scent

[12 Pack]*, Scent Aire, Sunburst, Mountain Air, Melon Mist, Mango, Toilet Bowl Dispenser
Available to distributors
  BDCLP45MA  Mountain Air - Blue 
  BDCLP45MGO  Mango - Red 
  BDCLP45MM  Melon Mist - White 
  BDCLP45SB  Sunburst - Orange 

Specifically designed to fit on the side of any toilet bowl rim. Freshens the immediate areas surrounding the toilet.

Scent Aire
Sizes / Qty:
  • [12 Pack]*

Air Care

Air Care Dispenser Type:
  • Toilet Bowl Dispenser
  • Mango
  • Melon Mist
  • Mountain Air
  • Sunburst
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